Monthly Intentions September Edition

Hi all!

Better late than never. How did your August Intentions go? Were you able to accomplish them all? only a few? Most of the time but still got a little work to go? Thats ok. Good thing you are all healthy and alive reading this right now, which means you have a brand new month to keep on working towards that beautiful Happy Medium of yours.

About my August intentions, I must say that keeping it at 5 intentions (compared to 10 intentions when I first started this practice) really helped me focus on them and fulfil them better. If you were wondering if I was able to accomplish them all, I wasn’t. Im “rolling over” to September getting better at Work-Life Balance. For some reason I had pretty busy month juggling “work” and all my little projects I have going on right now, so my mind was constantly running and brainstorming, loaded with ideas and I found it really hard to disconnect and turn it off every once in a while to enjoy other things.
But for the rest of my intentions I did surprisingly well. I visited a new place, I started  salsa classes (my boyfriend and I had been putting that off for years now) and I got  much better at trusting things as they come instead of trying to control them this past month. After having a couple of plans not working the way I thought, I had to find a way to cope with changes coming. As for showing more love, thats one for me to work on ALL THE TIME. I have trouble embracing vulnerability, and to love fully one has to be willing to be vulnerable, so thats something I try to keep in mind most days and months. Its not the lack of feeling love that I have to work, but showing it or I would say verbally expressing love is hard for me.

So for this month, if you started this awesome practice for the first time last month, I invite you to step it up notch and shoot for 5 intentions this time. Let’s take a look at mine:

  • get better at work-life balance
  • do one thing I have never done before
  • stretch and do more yoga
  • face my fears
  • Don’t think… just do.

    Bonus: Write more 🙂

So now that you have learned a little more from my intentions, I would love to know a little more about how your month went. Did this practice help you at all? Any creative ideas of ways to share your intentions in order of holding yourself accountable? Hope you guys are enjoying the few posts so far and stay tuned because I have lots of cool topics coming up. Don’t forget to spread the love and share with your friends, someone might need a little help finding their Happy Medium ❤


Stay balanced my friends,

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